Vacation cutting into my creative time! ;)

The vacation is here. I still plan on doign some writing while on vacation, but do not expect very much. Mostly a few words b/4 bed just for fun.

I'm in a wierd spot - the finale is here and partially formed in my head. You ever find a great book that you just gobbled up in afew days because you wanted to know the ending and then restart the book just becasue you liked it that much? Im in taht spot here, the problem is  ITS IN MY HEAD BURSTING TO GET OUT! ITS TOO SLOW! If I were 'reading' my own story, I'd have long finished reading and re-reading it several times over! ITs frustrating to have to deal with the typeing process to get it out of my head! Im at the exciting parts and I just want to know how it happens, but I only have a idea of where its going, I want the story details! How does Marline and her new crew deal with her old ship? OR how to they get away from the lurking UNES navy ships in the area about to pounce? ARRGGHH!!