Two excepts from the last day

69,037 words. I'll get the rest on the trip to Indy, so technically, I'll have made 70k words by Gencon! Ok so my thinking was by tonightish but I'll rules laywer it. ;)

Two lines from the later chapters...


"In fact once its been disabled by our device, the punishment circuit is permanently disabled. It can't be used to punish with out physical repair. Try it."
        I take the unlock device and press it up to my collar until I feel it vibrate in my hand again. The I press the catch to unlock my collar. Prison, attempts on my life, a gang rape and  sadistic Captain, after a year of hell, my life is in back in my grasp, Assuming I can hold on to it. I begin to cry.


 I know we're not navy anymore but in my eyes, our ranks were something that was earned and stolen away from us.  Even if the navy and most of the Unitary Nations are a cesspool of corruption. It feels good to call him Chief. Its a reminder of no matter what our station in life really is, how we account for ourselves is what really matters. Nate's accounted himself admirably in the year I'm known him.  He takes care of his men, leads by example and has personally saved my hide by training me to save it myself.