Fluff stuff words vs real words.

59,436 words after tognihts work. Gonna lose tomorrow due to gaming and some time over the weekend. :( Might not make that 70k b/4 GenCon I hoped to get, but I'm gonna push for it! 

I gave a analysis of number of words typed vs story words and I didn't factor in my general typing and re-typeing. I start writing a section then maybe I don't liek that sentance or two and I 'push it down' in my editor in case I want to keep parts of it, them start writing something else. Onc eI'm done I have bit and parts left, or I just plain re-wrote and deleted stuff. Point being I'm using the word counter on the WirteITNow5 app and my original estimate of typeing maybe 1250 story words and typing another 250 in notes, well there's anotehr 200-250 in that same block of retyped un-used story words. So thats a added negative  to my count in my estimates. I'm going to just start keeping track of stroy words counts and bases timing on that. Maybe I'll math it out and get a ratio worked out. How much fluff vs real words.