Community Purpose

The purpose of is to provide members with the following as we work on our Book project:

  1. Communication:  To facilitate communications between authors, editors, publisher, etc.  (The email digest feature can allow for easy communication, and the "Vol. X..." forum will be the place for information related to the project, questions, etc.)
  2. Story Library:  To provide a place for the sharing & discussion of stories among involved parties.  (Each author has a section in the "Authors & Stories" forum, where they can post ideas, stories, notes, characters, and anything else they want members to review & discuss.
  3. Resources:  To allow us to share information & resources that can help us all in our writing.  (Resources can be posted & discussed in the "Resources" forum.)
  4. Reputation: To build the reputations of everyone involved.  (Via public author blogs & the AuthorsRising book store.)