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Vol. 3: "The Message" is now available through global distribution!

Great news, everyone!

Our third volume "The Message: Eight Stories of One Misunderstood Text" is now available through Global Distribution.

You can find it at the links below, as well as many others:

Barnes & Noble


If you've read it, please go and add reviews.  Thanks!

New Timeline for Volume 4: Crime Scene

There's an updated timeline for Volume 4: Crime Scene, to get us back on track.  Check it out in the menu on the left.

If anyone missed out the first time around, there's still time to get involved.


Happy writing!

Vol.1 Re-edited!

Volume 1: Read Em & Weep, has been re-edited and is now available through the Lulu page (or click bookstore at top of this page).  The updated version has lots of typos and similar mistakes removed.  It's also working it's way through the Amazon system, but might be up to 8 weeks before the revised version is available there. 

Revised Vol.3: The Message Now Available, En Route to Amazon

Hello Everyone!  

With another round of grammatical errors corrected, and a slight re-ordering to lead off with a story that's driven by an actual text message, a revised version of Vol.3: The Message is now available from Lulu (see the link on the right side of the page).  

This version is one to be proud of.  

It's also on it's way to global distribution on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. -- but they say that can take a couple months.  I'll let you know once it's available there.

Forming a writing habit.

Great (but long) article on the science of habit formation:

From the standpoint of creating a writing habit, the key take-away for me is the need to establish a pattern with a cue-behavior-reward loop, always doing the same actions as a cue, and getting the same reward, so that my brain goes on autopilot to write.  Or, probably more important than autopilot, so that my brain says "Hey, it's time to WRITE!"

Kickstarter Project approved, now we need to put the public info together

Hey everyone-

I submitted and got approval to launch a Kickstarter project for Volume 3, with the goal of raising additional $$ to put towards the production and marketing.

If anyone is interested in helping turn our accepted proposal (with suggested rewards, etc) into a public project over the next few weeks, take a look at the following links and then let me know.


From Kickstarter:

Two more weeks to finalize stories and provide last-minute feedback

Hello everyone!

We're on Amazon!

Ok, I just checked, and we're now on Amazon with our second book, "You Never Forget Your First...: Stories of First Kills."  


(I submitted a few edits to Amazon, like the rest of the author names, etc.  They should be approved within a few days...) 

Switched back to Garland

Got fed up with Chameleon not being fluid-width, and switched back to the default Garland for the site theme.


Open to any other suggestions people want to offer, but this one is working for now. :)

Authorsrising is on Twitter! (& Dresden...)

Ok, ok.. probably no huge need for us to be on Twitter.... but in an effort to continue to boost our SEO ranks, I created an acount yesterday & linked it to this website.

There's now an @authorsrising.

While out there, I noticed that one of my favorite series -- the Harry Dresden novels by Jim Butcher -- have a whole bunch of Twitter acconts for the main characters. Everyone from Waldo Butters to Molly to Mouse.  Just search on harry dresden, and you'll start to see them all.  Pretty fun.

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