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Clean out the fridge

I heard on NPR the other day that a famous author was asked "how do you go about writing a story?"

He replied "well... the first thing you do is clean out the fridge..."

Had to do some outline adjustments on-the-fly

Started trying to write the first scene... and ran into some holes where my "rough outline" was too rough to figure out what went in the gaps.  Spent a couple hours working through different scenarios, and in the end had to abandon several things I liked, and compromise in order to get things to follow the poker hand I want  (but still be clear enough for the reader to recognize that it does).  The biggest stretch at the moment is the different "suits" -- it's pretty unrealistic, but it will have to do for the rough draft.

Write, don't edit!

So, we're down to 12 days, and as I sat down to do a little writing, I pulled out my "hold 'em for dummies deck, and began looking for the actual exact wording to put into my intro paragraph.

I wanted to get the intro into better shape, before moving on.

Then it occurred to me -- I can always tweak the heck out of bits & pieces... the difficult part for me is going to be getting an entire story written.  (And I remembered, I'm expecting it to suck anyway...)

Thanks, Cattsan!

Thanks to Cattsan, who sat down & spent an hour over some tex-mex helping me figure out the poker hand for my story.  It took a while of bouncing ideas &what-ifs back & forth, but that's what I needed.

I appreciate the help.

2 weeks & counting!  

Story Structure by Dan Wells

I only made it through video 5 of 12 of "How to Write a Story that Rocks" when I realized my brain had gone comatose. As a remedy, I found this from Dan Wells (who also gives props to Larry's and John's presentation).
I recommend downloading the powerpoint to follow along with the video.

Writing tips from Larry Correia (MHI author)

Larry Correia made some posts on this blog on writing in general. Thought I'd steal them and repost here for easy reference. :) Good reference material . 1 and 4 are especially useful for general writing.

Ideas Area

I wanted to throw out my story idea to get it out here. I figure at the very least, if anyone is having idea block, maybe just seeing our other ideas they'll think of something.

Outline... -ish?

Ok, I started putting together an outline of sorts... but it's actually an outline of a poker game.  I think I'll try to weave a game through my story, so now I'm going through scenarios for the game itself.  "hmmm... if this player did this, what would *that* player do?"  

I'm not much of a poker player (sad to say, but I actually had to look up what the ranking of various hands was), so I may need to go to an outside expert on this piece of it.

But, at least it's forward progress!

I probably should have done an outline or something...

... but I wrote an intro paragraph for the "no card" story.  It seemed like that was the best way to "try out" the voice for it, and sort of explore the idea. I like it so far.  (Maybe I'll get lucky, and it will show me where to go with the rest.)

"No Card Can Help You"

Well, started working on my first idea...  thinking it will be based on that line from the "Texas Hold'Em for Dummies" deck I used to have...

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