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Time to Buy a Ticket

"For over 35 years a man goes to the same church, sits in the same pew, during the same night of the week, to ask the same prayer.

'God Me again. I know you are busy with all the stuff you do. And I know this is a petty request, but if you see it fit could I please win the lottery tonight. The money would really be a help to catch up with my bills and maybe let me enjoy being with my family for the rest of my days.'

Every week, he didn't win. But like clock-work he was in the same church in the same pew with the same prayer on the night the lotto numbers were drawn.

Short Story Principles

Koalayano posted this link earlier in one of the forums:
I found it quite useful and even made a cheat-sheet version for myself to reference while I'm writing (I'll do just about anything to avoid writing an actual story) ... I'll post it here as a possible tool for others.

New Writers Forums sections

Attention new writers! If you plan on writing for vol2, send me a note or email and I will create a forum section for your use.

-Patrick "Janir"

The first advice to an aspiring writer...


AuthorsRising started at about the time I was starting to plug out ideas for a story myself. I wasn't really as motivated at the time, though, mainly because I was unemployed and frankly depressed over it.
Volume 2 presented me a challenge. A story about someone's first kill would take me to a darker place than I really feel like going right now. But then, we are in October, nearing the season of the dead, Samhain. Perhaps delving into the darkness of spirit and psyche is the way to inspiration that will lead to future, brighter projects. Isn't that how it always begins?


That's right, Vol. 1 is officially published on Lulu:

We've also purchased their "Global Distribution Package," so over the next 6-8 weeks we'll show up on all the online retailers, and be available for purchase to retail stores through Ingrams.  :)

Facebook Fan page created for Authors Rising

Working on the non-writing aspects I started a fan page for Authors Rising as a fan page. Currently unaccessible but this is a marketing vehicle page.
I'd like to at some point 2 weeks from now once current deadline tasks are met and we're at printing stage to get some more of the page fleshed out, including the cool little graphic Andrew created of the water drop face, unless there are trademark issues with that graphic. I don't know if you made it, had it made or just found it on the internet, but i think its awesome.


Yeah, so  even though I published earlier, there are still several questions & concerns that have been raised by the Authors on this project. 

Therefore, about 30 seconds after publishing, I *unpublished* and put the project on Lulu back into a "revisions" state.

We've got a meeting tonight to discuss final questions, so I'll update after that.

We're almost there!


Yep.  Just Published via Lulu.



Still wondering...


so, i still wonder if I should just come right out at the beginning of my story & say the character likes poker, and thinks in poker metaphors, and then throughout the story tell the audience which card each person is supposed to be. "him? - definitely the King of Spades, as far as I'm concerned..."
it would lose a little of the fun of figuring it out if you know poker well -- but I think it would be less awkward as I try to hint at it, and probably more successful...

The Chain Story (with Michael Stackpole)

Saw this article today that Stackpole has a bunch of authors together to write a series of stories (and to hopefully sell as an anthology). Keep it in mind for this or future multi-author projects.

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