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My Own Worst Enemy.

I am a member of a small group here. No, not the ones that published in the second book from this site. Nope, I am one of them that tried and for whatever reason in the end couldn’t finish. Don’t get me wrong, I am not faulting any one of them. I know firsthand how busy life can get. Hopefully at some point we can some of the wonderful plots that were proposed for the second book come to life in some form.


Roll Call - Second


I've downloaded the stories I found out here. I presume that Jen, DragerMorgan, and ToddRasor are not submitting stories this time. How are we all doing now? I wanted to check because i know that Mark and Michelle had their stories in way early, but I haven't seen any newer updates. In speaking with Mark, I discovered that I never got him the feedback that I had on his Ambush story beyond the first set. 

Uploads diretory gone

I was under the mistaken impression that other authors coun;t post up attachments in other subforums but I was wrong so the uploading subforum is gone. Just creats a topic in the author's subforum to upload and all good.



Word Count: Drabble? Flash Fiction? Novella? Huh?

How long should your story be?  As long as it needs to be!
How will others define your story based on length?  Well...

I dug up some interpretations of what word count fits into what category.  Their is a lot of variance, but the numbers below represent what seems to be some fairly accepted definitions.

Dribble: exactly 50 words
Drabble: exactly 100 words
Drabble and a half: exactly 150 words
Droubble (Double Drabble): exactly 200 words, Barnes & Noble

Vol. 1 is up on, Barnes & Noble, etc.

WooHoo! :)

I was a little surprised that there wasn't a picture, they left off one of the author names, and got another name wrong... you'd think that stuff just goes straight out of the Lulu database...  

I submitted corrections, and added a picture.  What we really need now are reviews by some non-authors.  

Method Writing

  So how can I write from the viewpoint of someone nothing like myself?  How can I know how my doctor will react when a patient dies?  How can I understand how an olympian will feel when he sees his competitor set a new record?

  Because I made them!  I bend fictional reality to my will! Muhahahaha! I am truly a ... 

The secret cure for writer's block

Something a few of us have in common is that we are pretty new to writing fiction. Personally, I don't have an english degree and I never took a writing class in college. All I have really done is read a bunch of websites on writing and attend a couple author-hosted classes on writing books.

More importantly, what I hadn't done until now was actually write something. I think I was overwhelmed by the idea of putting together some epic novel. I was intimidated by the excellent works of my favorite authors. I was scared to write something that wasn't perfect.

What NOT to do

The many do's and dont's that exist for writing short stories are really just guidelines. If you followed every rule in life, you'd probably lead a fairly boring existance.

A similar parallel exists in story-writing. Breaking a rule here and there is considered par for the course. Unfortunately, unless you are prepared to put in some serious work to overcome your lawless actions, it is your reader who will suffer the boredom. And readers of short stories are not like readers of novels. If you lose them in a single scene, they walk away from the rest of your story.

Posted rough outline in my working section.

Posted my rough outline for 2nd story.

Inspired by  my Appleseed Rifleman training,  I'm taking the entire story line of the Bootlegger and its 'world charater'  and using a backdrop of the Revolutionalry War as a social-political climate, mixed with some of the Napolinic Wars naval situaitons with a smattering of WW2 to 21st centurysubmarine flavors as well. It al lmakes sense in my head at least. :)

The Cascade story idea

I remembered the "Chain Story" blog that Mark had posted regarding Stackpole's central themed Shadowrun stories and I thought of an idea where, in the future perhaps, we could have writers write sequential parts of a story in a chain. In essence, Writer 1 sets the character(s) and story in motion and then each of the writers takes a 'chapter' and pushes the character through it. With a few guidelines I think it could be fun and very intriguing to write.

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