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KEEP damn good notes!!

In writing my novel and 3rd short story, I found that I had strayed and started committing contiuity errors in my writing . Small ones but annying ones. Things that I 'solved' as questions that I wrote up differntly and actually  didn't like ( term Spacey for example) Yet I had already take care of those issues in my notes and in story 1. However Some items in Story 1 and 2 didnt make it into my notes which is mostly a single document but also in a theStorybook program Mark posted about months ago. I need something a bit more graphical with linking.

dropbox+ $10 Itunes giftcard + Quickoffice mobile Connect app = local editing

Ok, so I got a gif card for $10 Itunes from a vendor, so  I used it to offset the purchase of Quick Office for iPad on Fiancee's  iPad. The app can edit office docs and store them locally but can also upload and download from and Google Docs. See where I'm headed yet? baby

Just got hooked into 2 GB free online storage. Auto synca directory on your PC to dropbox. Great for backups or cross operating system devices. Windows, Linux, Mac, and in built into handhald type apps like QuickOffice for Ipad and Android and soon WebOS.

Now I can save my files as .doc into the dropbox and have it available on my linux and Wintel machines and on the iPad all with local storage cabailites so no more lost network = potental lost work. :)

2 more chapters up

Got 2 more chapters up. For the record, I'm not goingto make updates to the previous chapters except when I feel like it. :) I've already made changes on my end but I'll post as I make them corherent vs every change I make as I make them, otherwise I'll be re-posting madly. :)


Started upload of chapters

In my subforum section, you can see a chapters postings have started. Enjoy.

Good and bad progress this week.

Trying not to measure progress in purly words typed but only up to 9600 words for the whole week. But a major part of that was plot re-write so if I were counting words purely, I've probably hit over 12k thru writes and re-writes.

I looked at my rough progress and  the details I had in each 'chapter' and discovered that I'm on target for s 40-50k at best, not 90-110k words.


1st week 6000 words done

6000 words over the week so far with Easter weekend and car shopping all day Saturday. (The Fiancee is getting a new Acura TL Tech edition!)

Authorsrising is on Twitter! (& Dresden...)

Ok, ok.. probably no huge need for us to be on Twitter.... but in an effort to continue to boost our SEO ranks, I created an acount yesterday & linked it to this website.

There's now an @authorsrising.

While out there, I noticed that one of my favorite series -- the Harry Dresden novels by Jim Butcher -- have a whole bunch of Twitter acconts for the main characters. Everyone from Waldo Butters to Molly to Mouse.  Just search on harry dresden, and you'll start to see them all.  Pretty fun.

The Bootlegger novel has started!

I've posted on FB a few days ago but I intend to post more here as I work on the book.

Yes I want to write I *AM*  writing (postitive outlook!) the full length novel based upon my short stories.  I spent hours researching and 'noodleing' the plot, the universe, the characters, etc until I caught myself stalling. ;) So I set a few quidlines for myself.  I based them upon some of Larry Corriea's writing tips blog posts.


I've submitted Vol2 as a book. I could have waited until amazon had the book but why wait? ;) is a website for cataloging books you own and have read, or want to read, and to get reviews of books. You can 'friend' otherers and watch what they read etc... Pretty cool really. For those that haev a book, you can also set yourself up as an author there as well.

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