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Short story by Cat

Hi All,

I wrote the following story in about an hour back in October of 2011. It's not great, kinda depressing, and just something I was compelled to write at that moment. The few who've already seen it asked questions about it which I hadn't really thought of, but due to some sort of artistic stubborness I am not compelled to correct nor otherwise change it. It just is. "And that's all I have to say about that."

Comments are always welcome, though!

Self-publish success story
  I ran across this article today about Amanda Hocking from Austin, MN (next door to half my extended family and, more importantly, the home of SPAM!).  After striking out with publishers, she self-published and it snowballed into $2 million in sales so far.

Hello, World: And something clever.

I found this site by random. My objective at the time was to get some sort of list, blog, or article written about current rising authors, and look what I find at the top!

Most of my time with writing sites has been spent with fictionpress and webook. Both have their strengths, and also weaknesses. I don't believe AuthorsRising will totally fullfill it all (just by the features and site design), but I am interested to help the community nonetheless.

I predominately write Fantasy, but mystery and literary, and even sports, are genre passions I enjoy.

Kickstarter Project approved, now we need to put the public info together

Hey everyone-

I submitted and got approval to launch a Kickstarter project for Volume 3, with the goal of raising additional $$ to put towards the production and marketing.

If anyone is interested in helping turn our accepted proposal (with suggested rewards, etc) into a public project over the next few weeks, take a look at the following links and then let me know.


From Kickstarter:

We're on Amazon!

Ok, I just checked, and we're now on Amazon with our second book, "You Never Forget Your First...: Stories of First Kills."  


(I submitted a few edits to Amazon, like the rest of the author names, etc.  They should be approved within a few days...) 

First round of feedbacks are due! -------------------------->

Few days ago actually but just a friendly reminder. 2nd round begins soon. Also means people can take current feedback and update their stories.

Finished The Favor for Vol3!

Still got some intro and ending work to do. then I have to clean up someo of the scene setups and timing between scenes. Then I have to transfer all teh background information developed for this story back into my universe notes for consistancy. AND THEN I've got a ton of rewriting and overall clean up to go through with the story once I get feedback. Oh yeah got to read of you you bitches stories as well. :P! Looking forward to that.

Switched back to Garland

Got fed up with Chameleon not being fluid-width, and switched back to the default Garland for the site theme.


Open to any other suggestions people want to offer, but this one is working for now. :)

Math is hard. Space math is harder. Space math calculus is a bitch.

So while writing my story, I've had to do some basic math and calculate the rough speed of light for signals traveling roughly 4 AUs with a signal receiver in the middle. Requires some math. I just ran the numbers for a situation where I need to accurately figure out how much acceleration the Bootlegger is doing to travel 4 AUs in roughly 4 days. (just a hair over 4 days) Now I have to work a return trip on an oblique ballistic course that adds distance, a few stops and starts along the path.
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