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Solved the versioning and tracking problems.

One of the biggest problems I kept running into was keeping track of all the little details about everything. From charater details to locations, terminology you name it. I had poked around with some story writing tools but never used them as they were a bit clunky. After last night's rewriteing and tracking, I decided I really do need a program to write in. Did a bunch of research and it came down to Scrivener and WriteItNow 5. Scrivner was a mac app with a port to Windows but the port was of an earlier version. Still very nice. Reviews said it was easy to puck up and start using.

Missed plot points in Chap 12 - OPPS!

Had to go back and erdo parts of chapter 12 as I completely forgot the strogage drive plot point and to address it.

Went back noodled how to deal with it in some credible maner and redid the end of Chap 12 and swapped out the  chapt 12 here in the forums.

Gonan need to look at some sort of git or svn code repositiory for various chapter file versioning! (I'm only 1/2 kidding here!)

1400 more words done.

Took a break over the weekend from writing as I had the Appleseed all weekend.

Got in about 1000 more words plus a re-write of about 400. Had a bit of a block in chapter 13 but I think I'm past it. Used a few tools to help with a scene between Marlene and the 2nd mate.

Chap 12

chap 12. Touch longer than planned.  Had to make a new post couldn't add to original post even though Im under the 30 MB limit. Also made small changes to Intro - reuplaoded that. Enjoy.

Shady's back...

Posted up novel chapters 1-11 , about 30k into it, esssentally doubling all the preivous work in the last several weeks. Spent time reviewing the old material but didn't make too much changes as I was more of a refamilirzation which didn't take nearly as much as I thought as the damn idea has been in my head for years and nearly the forfront of my brain for months now. :)

My Vol4 Crime story is getting a clean up but is essentally the same as before. I'll post that after the Appleseed this weekend.


George Orwell's Six Rules

George Orwell's Six Rules

wisdom from one of the greats

follow first, then lead.


Clouds across the Moon

Please don't hide your face from me

As I call your name.


Tsukiyomi smiles

Between the bare-branching trees

Yet the night is warm.


The Lotus Blooms in my Ancient Heart
Petals and Seeds are never apart
Through the Gate, I enter not alone
And take my place amidst Sky and Stone.
This Jewel I hold destroys the Night
With the Burning of the Eternal Light
That Glows of the Moon, Full and Strong
And illuminates the Chant of the Song
The Wind, it Echoes from Age to Age
Carrying the Words of the Timeless Sage
Through the Halls and over the Sea
And so They finally Returned to Me.
The Fan that hides Your Beauteous Face

Who are you?

This a song I wrote and am colloborating on with my friend:


"Who Are You"

Do you think you know what's in my heart?

With those words you try to say?

Do you think you know where to start?

When you're a different person every day?

[This is the opening and the Chorus]

Last month you were so sweet to me

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