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Real quick, still working, had a few days downtime due to life issues last week, but still moving. 53k words, plus I have some Star Wars game session writing work I'm doing. More of an update later tonight or tomrrow. 

Deviant Art and words per hour...

Per Madgenius Club , I spent some time on researching artwork for a cover in the last few days. Make a ton of bookmarks, found plenty or Royalty free art sites etc.. and then settled on using Fund a bunch of people willing to do commission computerized 3D art work for royalty free work for not a ton of money ($50 ballpark). They still own the rights to the artwork, I own a royalty free (pay once) right to use it for book purposes. I could buy other rights as well and other 'poses' of pictures or depending on the artist, whole 3D models.

Moved outline notes into WriteItNow5

Yesterday and today I moved my general outline into the Events items of WiN5. Maybe not the best way to use i that section but it's easy, works and lets me transisiton from what I had ito WiN5. When I run into somthign limiting, then I'll be able to change it. 

Vol 4 new revision

Spent last night and tonight importing, and editing with some re-writes my Vol 4 story. Got a name for it now Setting Scores. Might still change that, havn't decided.

My boss has been telling me forever that he's had some stories kickign around in his head for a long time now and wasnts to write and be an author. So I gave him the paramters of Vol4 crime scene  and told him get a rough draft by next Friday. Let see if we get a enw author here. :)



new material up!

Added Chapters 13 AND 14 and a smalll start to 15. Almost another 10 pages of work.

Re-export of material to date.

Re-exported the 114 pages I have done  up to this point. Most of the clean up post import is done and I should be back to writing in Chapt 13 tomorrow night. 

I can't say enought how much I like this program!

Finished import and now going over hyperlinking and creating database of notations.

Finished the import. The importing tools helped a lot. All I needed to do was add some marker text *** between scenes and the importer would auto break things up so I could save them. Once that was done I started at teh begining and started hyperlinking and creating character, location, Prop and notes entries as I came across them in the story, effectly building the databse of knowledge of the Bootlegger's Universe. Chapter 3 right now, but I've been at it for a few hours since dinner. Time for bed.

Mad Genius Club

Forgot about this website. Been reading for a while, mostly the regular blog, but found this gem in the background. The authors are established indie and traditional publised authors that are giving the ral details of how things work and what works for them and could for you. With out all the bull crap SWFA  has turned into.  The link in particular a nice roadmap for startng to finishing a body of work. 

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