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Catching up with 1st pass editing!

Moveing blogging to my own wordpress site, linked below.

Structural self editing is work!

Structural editing to make sure contiuity is kept thoughout the book is some time consuming work! I severly underestimated the time needed. Now I'm estimating one chapter per day rate, even if I do a few chapters a day. ( hard to - Even hard to do one chatper over lunch. I can get one scene done over lunch, but I really need to sit back down and go over and do chapters at a time. PArt of scene doesnt help. I wind up going back and re-reading it anyway. This editing work is also causing the book to grow some. its at almost 98k works now. -Patrick 'Janir'

97,587 total words but DONE!

Time for celebration! yea!! I completed the novel! 

Please, pleae thank you. Don't applause, just throw money. I'm married so no bra's please. Thank you. :)

Now its time to go back to the begining and re-read and start the polishing process. 

The beginnings of self promotions!

Have no idea who is or isn't seeing these, but I stared cross posting links to these blog enties to Facebook and will eventyally do GAB, and MeWe and Twitter. Advertising blog as a discovery of a first time self publishing author. Evenbtually wil lneed to go to a Wordpess or the like somewhere, but a few links back to this location will suffice for now.

Vacation cutting into my creative time! ;)

The vacation is here. I still plan on doign some writing while on vacation, but do not expect very much. Mostly a few words b/4 bed just for fun.

76,252 - and some ship building...

More words in, but ran into a situation were I had to design the Bottleggers (plural) 












71,943 and counting..

Ok, so forgot that I can't always write or read while moving in a car. Not that I didn't know that I couldn't I just didn't put 2 + 2 and get 4. But back home now and up to 71,943. I'm beginning to worry that the story will come out higher than the targeted 95k. I wanted to be done by September but, I'll settle for being at 95k target and still more story to write. I've still got some ship combat to happen!

Two excepts from the last day

69,037 words. I'll get the rest on the trip to Indy, so technically, I'll have made 70k words by Gencon! Ok so my thinking was by tonightish but I'll rules laywer it. ;)

Two lines from the later chapters...


That's 6283 words to GenCon target or about 2095 for the next three nights. Or maybe more like 4000 more tomorrow and 1k monday and Tuesday.


This one's gonna be close! (name that movie line...)



Fluff stuff words vs real words.

59,436 words after tognihts work. Gonna lose tomorrow due to gaming and some time over the weekend. :( Might not make that 70k b/4 GenCon I hoped to get, but I'm gonna push for it! 

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