The beginnings of self promotions!

Have no idea who is or isn't seeing these, but I stared cross posting links to these blog enties to Facebook and will eventyally do GAB, and MeWe and Twitter. Advertising blog as a discovery of a first time self publishing author. Evenbtually wil lneed to go to a Wordpess or the like somewhere, but a few links back to this location will suffice for now.

88,500 or so words in now. I found myself thinking about Book two already. Mostly as a where do I want to go and how do I get there from the end of book 1. Got one more major event and wrapup for this round. My rough target was 95k and I'll still be in that ballpark with out much issue. Not that I'm trying to make some magical number, espcially in a self publish/ ebook thing, but it that was a general target and I'm gonan be there.

Anyone readying these now actually interested in being a alpha (VERY alpha!) reader for content, flow vs (spelling,  and grammar) let me know.  Door's open in that regard. 

From a business standpoint my general tasks are:

  1. Finish 1st rough
  2. Start from the begining and re-read and go over the 1st rough
  3. Get artwork lined up. Get my sketches and such done and to an artist for 3-D Bootlegger model
  4. Get 2nd rough to the alpha readers
  5. Get cover art work done from models
  6. Process feedback from the alpha readers.
  7. Make and write changes based upon feedback
  8. Big Ass Proofread!
  9. Get 1st proof to spelling & grammar editor.
  10. Get edits back and make 2nd proof.
  11. Formating work 
  12. Get Amazon publishing account going.
  13. Get real blog site going 
  14. Prep announcments, make up linik banners, signature redirects - IE MOAR PROMOTIONS WORK!
  15. Publish
  16. More advertising
  17. Start outlineing book 2

I'm sure I'll have to revamp this list asI learn more and make mistakes. I'll just keep collecting those mistakes and move on. :)