97,587 total words but DONE!

Time for celebration! yea!! I completed the novel! 

Please, pleae thank you. Don't applause, just throw money. I'm married so no bra's please. Thank you. :)

Now its time to go back to the begining and re-read and start the polishing process. 

toward teh end, thre were a few small things plot wise that I changed by going back into what I already wrote and wrote in the proper hook for the later scene. Howver , some of those were very basic, so as I review it I'll clean up those parts and make them intergrate in better.  Then theres teh wording of whole passages, etc.. and other parts of stroy and flow. PLENTY of work!

Howvever, I'm going to read another book first to get my head OUT of this one so I have some fresher eyes to look at in two or three days. Maybe re-read Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge. Ringo is a master story teller. :)